We're surrounded by so many sassy, clever and influential boss babes these days and nothing is more inspiring than hearing their success stories. It's so important to follow inspirational people on social media so that your feeds are full of good vibes and motivation! Scroll down to read more...  



You're probably one of the 3.5 million followers of Iskra Lawrence, a swimwear model changing the game by posting only unretouched photos. Iskra got into the modelling industry at just 13 when she was told she was too big to be a model and was also told she was too slim to be a plus sized model.

After seeing so many heavily photo-shopped images of herself, she decided to stand up for real women with real bodies and start a YouTube channel on fitness, health, self-care and eating disorders. Iskra became a model for Aerie, a swimwear brand that promotes real, unretouched bodies and rapidly grew her following with relatable content and fun dance videos. It's so refreshing to see girls like Iskra that uplift and motivate girls rather than making us feel crap about ourselves like the unrealistic, airbrushed models do. 



The Debrief Podcast 

A couple of months ago The Debrief launched a podcast with Stevie Martin & Tessa Coates, two girls talking about real life experiences and giving advice on how to adult. Their episodes are hilarious, relatable and educational - yes, even the episode on 'How to Poo Properly'. Stevie & Tessa are both freelancers who talk about everything from dealing with money issues, social media, millennial loneliness and domestic hacks so that you never have to get a man in. It's literally like having 2 friends giving you advice on life and sharing stories that most people can relate too.

Download the podcast and listen on iTunes here.


Head of Talent at Gleam Futures

Lucy has been getting her hair done with us since before the salon opened so of course, we had to mention her as she is a major #GIRLBOSS. Lucy is the Head of UK Talent at Gleam, a huge talent management agency looking after the biggest social media stars including Zoella, Tanya Burr and Joe Sugg.

Lucy started off as an account manager at Gleam in 2013 when they were a small team of 3 looking after social media accounts. In 2014, Gleam became solely a talent management agency and Lucy started to manage talent after building strong relationships with them.

Lucy has one of the best jobs in social media working alongside the most influential YouTubers and has also been featured in The Drum's 50 under 30 digital pioneers list. Talent management looks glamorous with all the travelling and magazine shoots but there is so much grind behind the scenes that Lucy has mastered and manages so well. 


Editor in Cheif, Glamour Magazine

Jo Elvin has been the editor of Glamour ever since it started in 2001 after years of working Pizza Hut shifts, magazine internships and even getting fired from B magazine. Jo Elvin started off as a junior writer and worked her way up in the journalism industry from Dolly Magazine to Sugar and eventually Glamour. Jo is all about women empowerment and is worth following for her hashtag #clothesmyhusbandhates and funny captions.


Blogger/TV Presenter

Grace is known for her realness and talks about taboo subjects like eating disorders, sex, domestic violence and mental health which has earned her the title of 'the internets big sister'. Grace started blogging in 2011 when the industry wasn't as saturated and spoke about all things beauty and fashion.

In 2013, Grace started to talk about her mental health issues and eating disorder which is when her channel grew rapidly. Children and teenagers went to her channel for advice and looked up to her as a role model. Grace inspires her followers to practise self-care and to be confident with their bodies, no matter what shape or size. In 2016, Grace worked with BBC3 on a documentary called 'Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets' revealing truths about diet culture. 

We need more people like Grace on the internet!

Order Grace's book 'No Filter' here.

Who are your favourite girlbosses to follow?

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