The girlboss world is only getting bigger and we're seeing more and more girl-powered businesses popping up on social media. We love sharing them with you to spread the girl gang love and to give inspiration to any of you aspiring girlbosses! Scroll down for more...

Jasmin Larian

Founder of Cult Gaia

You've probably seen the famous 'Ark' bag all over Instagram by now and we're obsessed with the brand Cult Gaia so we naturally wanted to find out more about the designer.

Jasmine Larian launched Cult Gaia in 2012 after making flower crowns and headpieces as a hobby for friends. Jasmine wanted to create a fashion brand with statement, art pieces that would start conversations.

The brand only started to sell and pick up last year February as iconic influencers started wearing the pieces which in turn gave customers the confidence to style it themselves. Cult Gaia have nailed their branding and have hit just over 50k on Instagram. Just another example that hard work and persistence does pay off!

Jen Gotch

Founder of Bando

Possibly the coolest stationery brand on Instagram right now. From cool stickers to fun planners and inflatables. Jen Gotch co-founded the company 9 years ago and started off by selling vintage one of a kind headpieces.

A couple of years ago Jen sold the company to Lifeguard press to manage the business side but still remains creative director. Jen's story is super inspiring as you rarely ever hear about the struggle and blood, sweat and tears behind creating a successful business. Jen was determined to keep going even when she wasn't making any profit and had lost her house. Today, Bando has over 450k followers on Instagram and is doing incredibly well in sales. Follow Jen on Instagram for more inspo - her feed is fun AF.

Sharmadean Reid

Founder of Wah Nails

Sharmadean opened WAH nails in 2009 (with her own money from being a stylist) as she was frustrated at both a lack of a fashion forward nail design and a cool AF space for girls to hang out. WAH nails boasts over 400k followers on Instagram and turns over about 330K a year.

On top of all this Sharmadean is also a single mum and supports single mothers and women on benefits by employing them and helping them to fill out benefit forms. If that isn't girl gang culture we don't know what is!

Raissa Gerona

VP of Marketing at REVOLVE + Founder of Lovers + Friends LA

Revolve is taking over LA and our Instagram feeds with their famous hashtag #REVOLVEaroundtheworld. They are known to work with the biggest and best influencers only all thanks to VP of marking and partnerships, Raissa Gerona. Ultimate GirlBoss, Raissa also has her own brand; Lovers + Friends LA which is also sold on Revolve and has grown with the power of influencer partnerships and social media.

As if that isn't enough, Raissa also owns 2 studios where she teaches Bar Method classes 6 times a week. Girls - don't ever think that you're only limited to one career or business - there's so much out there for us! 

Melissa Holdbrook-Akpose

Interior Designer, Celebrity Stylist & Blogger

Sticking to the theme of Girlbosses that do it all - Melissa Holdbrook-Akpose is a lifestyle blogger, YouTuber, celebrity stylist AND an interior designer. 

Melissa is the stylist for professional boxer, Anthony Joshua and also styles for House of CB creative and e-commerce shoots. On top of blogging and styling, Melissa also runs her own interior design company, NLE Interiors.

As well as being a serious multi-tasker and entrepreneur, Melissa keeps it real and gives us an insight into self-employed life by sharing the ups and downs of being your own boss on Twitter and on her blog (as well as being hilarious AF). Make sure to follow her on Instagram too for style and HAIR inspo.  


Who are your favourite girlbosses to follow? Let us know!

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