Spring is here and London is looking all kinds of pretty! It's the perfect excuse to ditch the hair tools and try out some quick and easy heat-less hairstyles to take you into summer. 


The best kind of top knots are made from messy, textured hair. Let your hair air dry naturally and some volume with Oribe Texturising spray. Tip your hair upside down and work your hands through your roots to get as much volume as possible. Twist your hair up into an oversized topknot, securing it down with bobby pins. Don't forget to pull out the baby hairs and bits from your bun so it looks cute AF.


If your hair naturally dries like this - amazing. If not, dont worry, we've found a super easy way to achieve it without having to use a wand. After towel drying your hair spray in some OUAI Wave Spray all over and scrunch the ends up.

Take small sections (as if you are using a wand) and twist them in different directions, leaving 3/4 inches at the end. As you finish twisting each pieces, pin them up at the top of your head and leave them in while you sleep.

When you take them out in the morning, separate the twists and add a little texturising spray for that surfer girl vibe and you're good to go!


This one's perfect for the girls that have naturally straight/wavy hair. Start by adding some Gisou Honey Oil to your damp locks to tame any frizz and to make your hair dry a lot smoother.

Once your hair is completely dry, start a french plait from the top section at the back of your head until you reach the bottom. Tie in place with a hairband and spray the pony with some wave spray to make it as thick as possible. 


This one is perfect for the naturally curly hair girls. Use a conditioning mask when washing your hair to minimise knots and frizz. Add some hair oil from the mid-lengths down to keep it looking shiny!

Once your hair has dried, take the top section of your hair and twist it up into a small topknot. The bottom parts of your hair will naturally have plenty of volume so no need for texturising spray! (unless you want MORE of course)


Need to jazz up your hair for after work drinks or dinner with the girls? Start by creating a deep side part and gather the hair above your ear, leaving some pieces down for softness around your face. Bend one hand back with your thumb facing down.

Place your thumb in the centre of the gathered hair and twist the ends up and around it to create a tucked under bun. Slowly pull out your thumb and gently pull at it to give it more length. Add in hair pins for extra hold and push hair up around the roots for extra volume. Finish with a light hairspray!

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Samantha X