It's easy to get stuck in a rut and wear the same hairstyle everyday. Make it one of your resolutions to switch things up this year and try out some new cut AF hairstyles that wont take longer than 10 minutes! Keep reading to see how you can achieve these easy looks..

Ponytail Twist

Second day hair? This is hairstyle is a great way to jazz up a normal low pony. 

How to:

1. Start by spraying in some texturising spray to add volume.

2. Tie your hair back into a low, loose pony.

3. Make a gap in your hair just above your hairband and thread through your ponytail to create a twist on the sides.

4. Take a medium piece of hair at the top of your ponytail and thread it through the gap again and keep in place with bobby pins and hairspray. Easy!

Messy Top Knot

The famous high, messy top knot. Perfect for lazy hair days.

How to:

1. Spray in some OUAI wave spray into your roots and ends. Tip your hair upside down and work through your hair. This will create so much more volume for your top knot. 

2. Twist hair up into a high bun, leaving the ends sticking out slightly. Clip into place with bobby pins or a hair band. 

3. Pull out short bits around your face and above your ears for that off duty model vibe. 

Double French Braids

This versatile hairstyle can look cute or edgy depending on how you style it.

How to:

1. Add volume and texture to your hair first for easier styling. Use OUAI wave spray or Oribe texturing spray.

2. Separate your hair down the middle (make sure it's even at the back!)

3. Start at the top of your head, section 3 small pieces and begin to plait. As you cross over each piece, take a piece of hair from each side to make a french braid. This may take some practise if it's your first time but you'll get there in the end!

4. Pull out your braid to make it look thicker and pull out some pieces around your face for extra sass. 

Braided Pony

Add some detail to your sleek pony with a small braid on each side. It looks a lot more complicated than it is!

How to:

1. Work with straight hair for a sleek look. Start by sectioning the top part of your hair and clip it out of the way. 

2. Plait a small french braid on each side under the sectioned hair and tie into place with a small plastic band. 

3. Slick the rest of your hair back, using a backcombing brush and gel for extra hold. 

4. Secure into place with a hairband and wrap the ends of the braids around the band and clip in with a bobby pin. 

5. Add hairspray!

Messy Milkmaid Updo

Such a fun and cute look that's so easy to do! 

How to:

1. Separate hair into 2 sections. Add texture spray for an extra messy vibe.

2. Braid both sections and secure with a transparent small band, leaving out 2inches at the ends.

3. Clip each braid to the top of your head. You may have to clip in the bottom part to stop it from sticking out too.

4. Pull out 2 small pieces from the front and pull at the back section for volume. The messier the better!


Let us know if any of you try out these hairstyles and tag us on Instagram so we can stalk!

Samantha X