The addiction to blonde hair is real, brunettes are going blonde and blondes are going even blonder! Since King Kylie went platinum last week we thought we'd share the best products and tips to keep your blonde hair bright and healthy AF.

There is no way around it BLONDE HAIR IS A COMMITMENT and requires maintenance to keep it on point.


Ash blondes listen up! The easiest way to banish brassy tones is to wash your hair with a purple shampoo. These can look quite scary but the violet pigments neutralise the unwanted warmth. Platinum blondes and those addicted to ash tones should use a silver shampoo every time you wash your hair, for Neutral creamy toned blondes once a week is enough! We love the clean blonde shampoo by Fudge.


On the days you don't use purple shampoo make sure the one you do use is sulphate free. Sulphates (Sodium Laureth Sulphate specifically) strips the natural oils and pigments from the hair so drastically accelerates colour fade. By using Sulphate free shampoos you increase the moisture retention in the hair and keep your colour for longer, a major win for blondes!

Our top sulphate free shampoos are: 

Davines - NouNou Shampoo 

Davines - Minu Shampoo

Philip Kingsley - Pure Silver Shampoo


Blondes you need to condition your locks like its a religion! Moisture rich conditioners every time you wash and treatment masks AT LEAST once a week! You can make it easy and find one thats a daily conditioner but doubles up as a mask if you leave it on longer! 

We love this Davines silver alchemic conditioner for this reason as it brightens and repairs blonde hair. If your all purpled out with your shampoo or it looks a bit scary nothing beats Davines - Oi Conditioner! It's packed with oil and moisture!

For babes on a budget don't worry there's a backup.... Coconut Oil! Twist into dry hair and leave over night or as long as you've got! Shampoo and condition and Voila Shiney Hair!



We all have that moment (especially blondes) when you've washed your hair and just stare at the hairbrush with true hate. Make it easier on your self with a leave-in conditioner. Davines - All in One Milk is a life changer. Spray it in before you even attempt to detangle, leave for a minute and use a Tangle Teaser to glide through your mane.

Adding a oil to your haircare routine is essential. Blonde hair often lacks lustre and shine but using an oils in hair when it is wet and after when its dry will solve those issues fast. The Kardashians hair guru Jen Atkin launched product line - The Ouai with a killer oil in the collection! Davines also have the incredible oi oil!

If you're feeling a bit flush and want to really treat your locks Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil by NEGIN MIRSALEHI is rediculosly amazing and rebuilds and repairs hair from the core. #Want.


If you haven't heard of OLAPLEX where have you been? Its a game changer.

 In a nutshell, Olaplex is a turbo-charged treatment that permanently repairs disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments. It basically banishes unhealthy blonde hair and means that going from black to blonde in a day (a la Kim K and Kylie) is possible as it gives hair colourists the tool they need to subject hair to multiple colour applications without damaging your hair! #GodSend.

Make sure your colourist adds Olaplex to your colour service and accept no imitations!

Olaplex is a three step system. No 1.  is the pure liquid version that is added to all colour formulas and or used diluted as part of an in salon Olaplex profesional treatment. No 2. is Olaplex in a cream carrier that is used after your colour services. No 3. Is the take home step and most important for maintaining healthy blond hair and prolonging your colour. It resets the balance of weekly styling that hair is often subjected to at the hands of straighteners, hairdryers and UV Damage etc. by repairing the bonds!

5 Tips to get the most out of OLAPLEX No 3.

1.Remember its a Pre Shampoo Treatment so just dampen down your locks and put it on.

                2. Less is more, It's spreads through hair easy so don't over do it 15mls should be enough.                  (Mermaid calibre locks maybe a little more).

3. Use a Tangle Teezer to distribute it evenly through out your hair.

4. Sleep in it! The instructions say 10 Minutes but the longer its on the better! 

5. Use it once a week! Your inner mermaid will thank you.


Those who are already members of the bleach brigade will know that blonde hair requires maintenance. Wether your rocking a total bleach or a sunkissed balayage you need to keep your roots and toner in check with regular trips to the salon.

TOTAL BLEACH BABES - Definitely one of the most high maintenance blondes out there (especially if your partial to a grey blonde). We all love the grungey root look but don't leave it to long before you get them seen too. 8 Weeks is the limit to avoid banding and length colour appointments for complicated regrowth applications.


BALAYAGE BABES - Don't be fooled and think balayage is an easy answer to blonde. While it is super low maintenance in comparison to highlights you still need to keep it on point. Get your balayage refreshed every 3 months and dont forget to have it cut! If your ends are bleached to buggery a 'nibble' just won't do. Healthy hair is the one. 

TONERS - Toners don't last forever. The wrong shampoos, Heat styling and just life make them fade out. You should aim to have your toner refreshed every 6 weeks at least. If your love your hair to be super ashy or a pastel shade then you'll need them more frequently. At Samantha Cusick London we combine toners with an Olaplex pro treatment to fix the condition as well as the tone! #HairGoals


The damage that heat styling can you do to our tresses is real, but did you know that it can also dramatically fade out our colour? 

I don't know about you guys but we live for beach waves so how do you avoid the above and keep your colour perfect? 

Invest in good tools. Your hair will thank you!

Dyson have just totally changed the hair drying game with the new Supersonic Hair Dryer. It measures air temperature 20 times a second, keeping it constant and under control, team that with precise high velocity air flow and bam hair is dried in a jiffy with not extreme heat damage. It looks cool AF so totally worth the price tag! 

GHD has reigned in the world of heat styling and rightly so. They continue to develop new technology and innovative stylers. There latest offering being the new Platinum Irons thats has their Tri-Zone technology that uses three sensors in each plate, ensuring the optimum temperature for styling hair is consistently maintained across the entire plate, reducing hair breakage by over 50%, increasing shine and is proven to be kinder to your hair colour. #Winning.

If like the majority of us who have still yet to master using the irons to achieve the perfect beach wave on your own locks, fear not! GHD have incorporated the same colour conscious tech into their range of curlers! I LIVE for their Creative Curl Wand and Soft Tong! Beachy hair perfection all around!

Being blonde is so addictive. So keep it on point and perfect your hair routine!

Comment below if you have any tops for keeping your blonde mane in check!

Samantha X