It's cold AF outside which means it's finally hat season. We've put together a selection of our favourite hats to keep your head warm and some hairstyles to wear underneath them. Shop the hats by clicking on the image above or the links below.

1.  Earmuffs | 2. Pink Chunky Beanie | 3. Bright Faux Fur Pom Beanie | 4. Hungover Baseball Cap | 5. Faux Pom Wool Cap | 6. Pink & Grey Pom Wool Cap | 7. Cable Knit Pom Beanie | 8. Double Pom Beanie



Style down your perfect curls with a casual beanie. We love the T3 Curling Iron for loose bouncy curls.



Messy braids, single or double, are perfect under a beanie or fedora hat.

Tousled Pony

Wack in some hair extensions for added volume and sport a high pony under a baseball cap or rock a slicked back low pony under a pair of earmuffs. 

Low Space Buns

Style your hair into two low space buns leaving some strands out at the front and pop on a baseball cap for extra sass. 

Lazy Waves

Can't be bothered to do your hair? Spritz in some OUAI Wave Spray to add texture and wear your fanciest hat for effortless vibes. 

Which style would you go for?

Samantha X